Evovle Press’ #HallelujahChallenge SWOT/Digital Audit – Day 14


On the first of June, Nathaniel Bassey started “The Hallelujah Challenge” a 30 days praise and worship session that takes place from 12.00am to 1.00am every day in the month of June from his Instagram handle @nathanielblow. The theme for the session is Olowogbogboro which means “The Broad and Mighty Hand of God”.

To join in the challenge users follow Nathaniel on Instagram and tune to his live broadcast, He started with over 4000 followers on Tuesday and in 14 days, the challenge has gathered over 72,000 live worshippers, (68, 300 on Instagram, 9,000+ on Facebook). The challenge cascaded into Facebook on day 12 and has become a movement on social media.

With over 10,000 posts with the hashtag “#HallelujahChallenge” and over 18,000 posts with the hashtag “#olowogbogboro” since the event started on instagram, it has become the number one on trends list on all social media platforms.

This screenshot below is stats from the last 500 posts for hallelujah challenge reaching over 3, 000, 000 people with an impression of 4,000,000


On twitter, from June 10th till 14th, just 4 days, 729 posts by 589 users, reaching 1,400,000 people. for Olowogbogboro

#Olowogbogboro has 729 posts by 589 users reaching 1,400,000 people on twitter in just 4 days, from June 10th till June 14th.

For #HallelujahChallenge on twitter alone, we find it has reached over 2, 000, 000 people, in 2 days, with 200 posts from 181 users. WOW!


We were curious as to other stats, what devices, demographics, how many men and women were using this hashtag, how much of it was negative/ positive, how much of it was original or just shares an retweets, so we dug a little deeper- Android users win this round, with 48% of people using the hashtag on android and 28.7% iphone users.

Surprise, ‘who woulda thunk?’ they were more men than women using the hashtags – 68.3% Men. Positive sentiments were a whopping 53.4 and negative sentiments (but of course! Children of anger, Eyin Omo Wobe, LOL) was 6.8%. Most people just retweeted and shared, only 43.7% of posts were original, the rest were retweets and shares.





Surprisingly, though the conversation about the challenge was driven by twitter, although the live videos are not broadcasted via periscope, fix up twitter, and just look at, people participated from around the world – America, South America, other parts of Africa.


Other Instagram stats was about the same as the twitter stats





S – The strength of the event is the fact that it is online and it can be assessed by all who have a smart phone and are in different parts of the world.

W – The weakness of the event is the fact that the network providers keep having issues leading to a break in transmission during live streaming.

O –   The Opportunities of the event is that it has brought together a large number of people together to serve God as well as win souls for Christ. it has opened up opportunities for a digital church model

T – The threat of the event of this magnitude is that it cannot be controlled and can lead to different believes and ideology about the event and there by lose the essence of the event.

Spin -Offs

Nigerians are quickly cashing in on merchandising; you can now buy Halleluyah challenge and olowogbogboro tshirts online.


This post will be updated and edited with new facts and figures as we find them.



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