The Funny Way I My Buddy Met the Love of His Life


Serendipity has been said to be one of the greatest secrets of happiness and I couldn’t agree more based on the experience of a close friend of mine, Mr. Henry. Henry is the media/PR officer of a famous cosmetics company, and always had to do a lot of publicity events on and offline. Henry has a peculiar headache whenever his company had any event to publicize online.  He would load his business line with credit and start inviting press managers from different press houses in turn to cover his company’s events.

Not only does publicizing his events cost an arm and a leg, the stress of reminding the nonchalant press managers to do their jobs weighs Henry down.  More often than not, they distribute his press releases too late on the different traditional and online platforms including blogs and websites, to make the requisite impression on his managers. Henry had to put up with the dismal distribution cycle for 6 months till he got served a warning from his managers.

Then one day, as he was going through his timeline during a routine look at his social media accounts, he stumbled on a retweet by his virtual friend about Evolve.Press. It was described as the quickest and most effective errand boy for media managers and Public relation officers to distribute their content. So, out of curiosity, he logged on to and boom! He had entered a new world of new possibilities and happiness with stress-free results. The accidental discovery of Evolve.Press changed Henry’s professional life.

Now, Henry with the help of his digital errand boy –, sends articles and press releases across multiple media platforms, from newspaper to news sites/blog to radio and TV stations with the click of a button. He is covered because his new digital errand boy does all his New/Press distributions from his laptop.

Henry is now healthy and works pressure-free, plus he now has the time to go for social events like weddings, birthdays and even concerts where he found the love of his life, Omawumi at one of those. Isn’t serendipity such a beautiful thing? Be smart like Henry, embrace the seamless and latest way of distributing your press releases and other functions, log on to and get yourself some social time, an affordable and stress-free press distribution.




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