Ubong King: The Story Before The Glory

Ubong Thompson King popularly known as The Troublemaker (born in Obanikoro, Lagos State Nigeria on 22 August 1972) is a Business Mogul, Motivational Speaker and Chairman of Protection Plus Services Limited (PPSL) a Corporate Security Services company, with headquarters in Lagos state and other fast growing subsidiaries. He is the President of the Ubong King Foundation, a non-profit, non-governmental organization established in March 2017 targeted at raising strong leaders for the challenges of tomorrow. A past Chairman of The American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS) International Chapter 202, Lagos Nigeria. A society of Security Practitioners in the industrial sector with both hands-on and educational knowledge.

26219286_10155922954171760_6217434850304081702_n.jpgUbong King is a man who has tasted failure, and understands what it means to be down. The lost of his father who he often describes as a typology of God, being that He provided what he needed when he needed them at the tender age of 13 was a huge blow and the subsequent hardships that accompanied that tragic event, molded his outlook to life. He had to learn how to survive and pay for his education. Rejected by family and friends, and disappointed with himself, he made up his mind that he would not give in to despair or defeat. Because he knows what it means to fail, it has motivated him to learn how to succeed and create value and impact from the ashes of defeat.

Ubong King attended the Federal Government College Lagos, where he obtained his Senior Secondary School Certificate. He is a graduate of the University of Calabar, Cross Rivers State, Nigeria with a BSc. Ed in Agriculture, but ventured into the security industry 22 years ago.

Ubong King started his career from volunteer service in the protocol department of the church he attended at the time, as a guard, to working as a consultant for a piggery. He was Head of Operation at Alarm Center Limited from October 2002 – September 2003, He went on to work as Deputy Operations Manager- Armed Reaction & Protocol for Halogen Security Company Limited between October 2003 – November 2005. He later became the General Manager at XL Security & Protection Services Limited where he worked from December 2005 – August 2009 and then concentrated on building his Security business empire as the CEO of Protection Plus Services Limited. His knack for seeing what others do not has helped him to turn a small business, which started in a corner of his bedroom, into a successful business empire, which is positioning itself as a global leader in the Security industry. The stirring to build a career in the Security industry, is rooted in his intense dislike of seeing people lose their possessions.

Ubong King as a security consultant offers advice on various security issues in Nigeria. He also facilitates and speaks at various conferences and events across within and outside Nigeria.



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